NeOkla SCCA Rallycross


Year End Points - 2022

2023 NeOkla Rallycross Season

February 5th, Sun
Rallycross Event 1
Billy Bob's Farm
March 12th, Sunday
Rallycross Event 2
Billy Bob's Farm
April 2nd, Sunday
Rallycross Event 3
Billy Bob's Farm
May 7th, Sunday
Rallycross Event 4
Billy Bob's Farm
July 2nd, Sunday
Rallycross Midiv Round 1/Event 5
Billy Bob's Farm
July 30th, Sunday
Rallycross Event 6
Billy Bob's Farm
August 27th, Sunday
Rallycross Event 7
Billy Bob's Farm
October 1st, Sunday
Rallycross Event 8
Billy Bob's Farm
October 29th, Sunday
Rallycross Event 9
Billy Bob's Farm
November 19th, Sunday
Rallycross Event 10
Billy Bob's Farm

Billy Bob's Farm

Rallycross field in Billings, OK.

What is RallyCross?

RallyCross is like the Autocross program, but on an open field. Drivers attempt to set their best time on an agility course marked by cones, and cars are grouped in classes based on capability and level of modification. Courses are a little more open and speeds are a little lower that autocrosses, but the emphasis on accessibility, safety, affordability, and fun is the same as SCCA Solo.

RallyCross differs from stage rally that many have seen on television. There are no jumps or ditches, and roll cages are not required. Drivers preview the course by walking it or going on a low-speed lead-and-follow lap, rather than following the pace notes of a navigator. Competitors will have the opportunity to make a number of runs.

RallyCross doesn't take the best single run like in Solo, but is a combination of multiple runs.

No special rally car is needed. Any fixed-roof vehicle passing a basic safety inspection is fine, so your daily-driven sedan on street tires is perfect for Rallycross.

For safety reasons, rollover-prone vehicles such as SUVs, 4x4's, and many full-sized trucks will not be allowed to compete.


RallyCross has a simple classing structure.

  • Rally Stock - FWD (SF), RWD (SR), and AWD (SA) - upgrades are limited to items such as cat-back exhaust, brake pads, clutch and pressure plate, and wheels and DOT-legal tires that are near stock dimensions.
  • Rally Prepared - FWD (PF), RWD (PR), and AWD (PA) - adds specific allowances for upgraded intake, exhaust, suspension, differential, wheels, etc.
  • Rally Modified - FWD (MF), RWD (MR), and AWD (MA) - almost any production car or logbooked racecar is allowed, with drivetrain and suspension being unrestricted.

There will be two heats. Like Autocross, RallyCross is a self-worked, volunteer-run sport in which competitors have a work heat opposite their run heat. Prepare to be outdoors all day, and dress and prepare accordingly.

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